Kyokushin tournament in NYC 6/19

I know it ain't exactly kickboxing, but I thought some of you might find this interesting to watch:

The All American Kyokushin Karate Tournament will be held tomorrow (Saturday, June 19) at Hunter College, New York City. Lots of international teams from Japan, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, etc will be competing.

For details:

i went to this years ago. it was pretty interesting.

don't worry, tedfornes, it wasn't THAT interesting.

yeah, I wish these guys did more than just stand toe to toe and exchange body punches

you can whine about everything in kyokushin competition, the rules, no hands to the head, slugging instead of fine punching, sloppy techniques, whatever.

I still love to watch it :)

The conditioning, the bare knuckles, the kicks to the head that are so important.. It has some kind of purity and the emphasis on kicks/knees to the head being kind of the only way for a knockout produces amazing moments. I like it.

Why has grabbing the Gi for knee strikes & throws been eliminated?