KZ -12 Results

Packed crowd, great fights!
Rick Danielson over Tim Dusseau by G-choke at 1:37 of rd 1; Andy Clifford over Corey Handley by rnc at 2:43 of rd 1; Chris COle over Shannon Frey TKO/strikes at 1:58 of rd 1; Jessie Swank over Joey Sumner by triangle choke at 2:03 of rd 1; Casey Byanski over Rusty Mason by rnc at .32 secs of rd 1; Kyle Petit won the Bantam Wgt KZ belt by defeating a game Bret Jones at 1:08 of rd 1 due to strikes; Matt Smith over David Goings at 17 secs of rd 1 TKO/strikes; Brandon Marcum over Kurtis Hornbeak ref stop via strikes at :45 secs of rd 1; Jessie Roby won a close dec over Don Miller after three hard rounds;Mike Damron wa spushed hard but won over Drew Patterson with an arm choke at 2:26 of rd 1; Zach Pankop over Dennis Russell TKO/strikes at 1:28 of rd 1; Todd Thrush over Wayne Kimmel verbal tapout at 41 secs of rd 1; KZ Light Wgt title defense by Jason Lowry- he kept his title by defeating Josh King via choke at 40 secs of rd 1; Semi Main Event-Brian Hays won over Joe Freeman by TKO/strikes at 2:16 OF RD 1; Main Event- KZ
Welter wgt Champion Adam Brady was defeated by Jayson Smith at 2:37 of rd 1 strikes (Adam may have broken jaw. * The entire night was great, especially due to the snow. Room was packed, fans were great. Congratulations to all fighters for a great showing of sport, conduct and heart!

Guys, the dvds are being made now, should be ready by Friday.

DVDs are done!