KZ 14- "Respect"

Results will be posted as soon as I get a break. Good crowd, great fights, comments please...

JR Christenberry over Craig Berning by RNC at 1:06 of rd 1/ Ryan Leach over David Hicks ref stop strikes at 1:45 of rd 1/ Zach Dunlap over Travis Dilley ref stop/strikes at 1:50 of rd 1/ Steve Rollins over Ben Deleon ref stop/strikes at 2:50 of rd 1/ Shane Rece over Dave Corbin by RNC at 2:02 OF RD 1/Mike Baker over Mike Dinehart by ref stop/strikes at 1:33 of rd 1/ Don Miller over Keith Ealey by Tapout/choke at 33 secs of rd 1/ Casey Byanski over Keegan Kinzer by tapout to RNC at 1:50 of rd 1/ Corey Handley over Wayne Kimmel by armbar at 52 secs of rd 1/ Tammy Sumner won KZ womens light wgt. title over Amber McCoy ref stop/strikes at 1:32 of rd 2/ Kyle Petit over Gabe Brooks by RNC at 1:46 of rd 1/ Brett Jones -v- Tim Johnson-NO Contest-injury-foul./ Derek Fisher over Mike Damron by ref stop/strikes at 2:51 of rd 1/ Nathan Handshoe over Cody Ward by G-choke at 1:49 of rd 1/ Chris Henderson over Derrick Handshoe judges dec after 4 rds./Main Event: Jason Lowry defended his KZ light wgt title over Nick Miner by tapout/strikes at 2:44 of rd #2. Nick had Jason in trouble, But Jason is a Warrior, and defended his title yet again!

there were a lot of great fights that night wish i was in there

yes i do

Whens the next event?

Looking at end of May, gotta check with some others on their shows too before making date. How did you llike the show?