LA IFL question

DOes it really start at 7:30? Doesn't that seem kinda late for a 10 fight card? Will it probably end at 12:30?

3 of my buddies are fighting in it and they told me 7:30

howsyourhaed, thanks dude doesn't 7:30 seem kinda late? i might pass out from the drinking before the event is over

Actually starts at 6:45. They have 2 preliminary fights.

^^^ where did you here that? There website says 7:30 as well as 3 fighters I know. Yes, it does seem late. should be a great show though.

Oops, they actually start @ 6:30. Source is Evan Shoman who was told by Jeff Sherwood.

howsyourhead, who are three of your buddies?

Also, what channel will it be on tonight? PPV? I didn't see it listed anywhere so I'm confused.

Announced yesterday at weigh-ins for 6:45 PM PST start.

jeremy williams, justin levens, and adam lynn. Im not sure about the PPV..

I heard Conor Heun is one of the prelim fights at 6:45.

howsyourhead, do you train at Apex? I train there on Fridays with Russ. I'm rooting for all three of those guys too, Adam is going to wreck some shit with his new Greg Jackson skills, haha.

I am looking forward to that lil babyface fucker at 155 who throws bombs, he's 8-0. What the fudge is his name children??

Thanks for the heads up on the time, guess my lady got us tix. Good luck to your friends-Vladi would be a big win for Justin...