LA SUB X 2night! Any predictions??

I dont know if anyone on the Canadian forum knows about this, but here is an awesome grappling event going on in Los Angelas California tonight.

Its basically the same idea as the OSWI, but on a much higher scale. The event has a card as well but with many of the top International grapplers competing in it.

It will be No-Gi matches with points for submission attempts as well regular points

Heres the lineup:

1)Megumi Fuji X Michelle Mills
2)Leo Vieira X Naoya Uematsu
3)Jeff Glover X Robson Moura
4)Saulo Ribeiro X Jake Shields
5)Pezao X Robert Drysdale
6)Xande Ribeiro X Vladimir Matsuchenko
7)Lyoto Machida X Rafael Lovato Jr.
8)Jeff Monson X Pe de Pano
9)Marcelo Garcia X Cameron Earle
10)Jean Jaques Machado X Kuniyoshi Hironaka
11)Ronaldo Jacare X TBA


i predict robson over glover and machida or lovato jr.

Well Marcelo Garcia beat Cameron Earle. Marcelo lost to Cameron two times in previous matchups but was never 10% for either. This time he has been healthy and coming off the momentum of a huge weekend in Brazil last weekend and showed the world why hes still number #1

There arent many who have beaten Marcelo, but his hit list of revenge matches is getting smaller