LA Sub X poster

anyone know who all signed the LA SUB X poster?

I got this not too long ago, and am having troubles figuring out who the sigs are of.

I see


edit- just realized my blue is up, so here is a link to the poster, until I renew my

 I see on there:

Robson Moura

Jeff Glover

Michele Nicolini (who happens to be Drysdales Ex GF, possibly)

Leo Vieira ( I know this one 100% I go to his Academy in LA)

Thats all that I can tell at the moment.

thanks for the help :)

check mma classics website for the entire list of fighters

i bought an lasubx autographed poster for $50 from rico chipparellis mmaclassics store many years ago...then i went to rico's next event xmission and they were selling them for $10 each so i bought 4 more

after the show i decided i wanted to buy more and the lady told me i got lucky as she screwed up selling them at the $10

i also have a large one signed by almost the entire card

Went to sell me one? Send me a pm Phone Post

10 each?? wtf!! lol.....dont tell me that man