" Ladd & Namajunas Are Victims Of Sexual Predator Coaches " - Strickland

Well, she said it. The interview has been posted in this thread and i remember it when it came out.

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My cat grooms herself all the time, es norm’al…


I doubt she was being serious, whereas Matt was dead serious when he witnessed that she pursued Pat and “groomed” him into totally falling for her for life. Had she ignored him, he never would have noticed her - imho.

It means if Pat was swimming in pussy from being a professional athlete like some posters have claimed, going after a girl that just turned 18 wouldn’t even be a thing. Now if it was some random 18 year old that just showed up, it would be one thing. But it’s a girl that he’s known since she was 14 and the moment she turns 18, he’s all up in it?!??! LOL. Pat was waiting for his chance.

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Pat wasnt the one counting down days on the calendar til her 18th birthday.

At least he’s smart enough not to mention it.

Maybe. But we know Rose was smart enough to hook him for life, she made him an offer no young man can refuse, a woman totally to himself. She knew what it took, and she did that.


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Hi Pat.

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You’re taking a second hand account over her first hand recollection of their relationship. Wouldn’t she know more about it than Matt?

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Your pussy deserves her own thread on the OG

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Thats the thing, what Rose used to hook Pat is the holy grail to any young heterosexual male and why he gave up a harem of whores to be with Rose. How does a man refuse the holy grail of life?

A fresh young beautiful virgin bonded only to him for life. Very few men on the planet find that.


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Sounds like a Muslim way of thinking imo

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Would you rather wife a 35 year old triple digit body count roastie or a 19 year old virgin, all other things being equal? Salam alekum my brotha.

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It’s all relative To the individual in question

There’s a lot of fucking slob dumb 19 year olds out there

Is that your choice?

did you at least spit on the BBC before anal penetration?

you caught a WILD Gilf !


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