Laimon's TUF Contribution

Did this guy even coach anyone? The episodes I've seen depicts Mark as an arrogant lazy SOB. WTF?

Maybe he was put on the show just to create tension.

No reality show producer would ever do something to the cast members just to create tension. Who would want to watch all that drama?

Contributed doucheness.

Laimon brought some assholeness to the mix.


I wish I could've rolled with him again it had been some years since we had rolled together, damn

See you at the after fight party, Shonie. I heard you can drink with the best. Don't let me down.

Hey Shonie, you guys didn't roll the whole time you were there?

Did anyone on your team roll with him?

nope and nope

So what the fuck DID he do?

He helped me out on several occasssions....

I don't understand this. Shonie, why didn't you or others roll? Are you saying that all the training was in standup and conditioning?

Mikey, you rolled on "several occasions". Sounds like ground grappling was not a normal part of your daily routine. Can you guys describe what your daily workout routine was like?

I'm just amazed that ground grappling was not an important daily element in the training. I guess I don't have a good idea how fighters at that level train.

It is not grappling, it is fighting, so many people grapple then watch a fight and think it works the same, it does'nt.....grappling with striking is totallyt different

Okay, I can believe that. But that means you just don't train grappling on a day-to-day basis at all? I'm not doubting, but it just seems so different from what I would have imagined.

He rolled with me, and Charles Macarthy I know.....?

Saw him holding down the mats alot.

im so glad laimon got on the tuf show now the rest of the country can hate him just like we do in vegas