Last episode was playing "House"

That letter was a total set up by the producers. "Oh, hey, we told them that there should be no letters, but let's see what kind of reaction we get out of Noah".

Well, that set up just f**ing sucked, big time, if you ask me. I'd rather see Noah fight again than watch this whole rigmarole.

They wanted to get a reaction out of him? Well, I don't care to see his reaction! I want to see him train, strategize on the gameplan, and fight. I want to see the TUF tournament progress BY TOURNAMENT RULES, when the winner advances to the next round, not some drama play-game..

Seriously, the show is supposed to be for guys, and guys, in general, like games with established rules where there is a winning side and a losing side and it's clear which is which. Think of games you played as a kid.

You know why boys in general don't like to play "house"? Because there are no rules! And no one really wins!

This last episode was playing House, TUF-style. We have a guy who won his fight leave, and the asshole loser Jese probably come in and even maybe get a bye into the semis! That's playing House, big time, with social contacts being key to the game.

And unlike the real House, there weren't even any girls present!

This sucks, this just f*cking sucks.

I hope its not true that this was manipulated by the producers of the show.
If it turns out it was, it was a really underhanded dishonorable trick.

Of course on the other hand, if it was, they've gotten just what they wanted, this episode, as sucky as it was, probably has generated more talk, and interest than the good episodes. The mantra of celebrities (and tv show producers) "any publicity is good publicity".