Last night I watched all BomBaYe's

and I have a few questions about these events.

1) Who was that one Japenese fighter who got knocked out twice by that big turk-lookin dude with the chin? And who was that big turk lookin dude with the chin?

2) Who was that crazy Japanese fucker Leko fought, and why was he all eager to get his face kicked? Was that some kinda angle they were playin?

3) Fujita sure can bleed, eh?

4) Who was the japanese guy Fedor beat down?


1) Rene Rooze over Tadao Yasuda? I think that's who you're talking about

2) Kazunari Murakami - was probably just a show to get the fans all hyped up

3) Yes, a lot

4) Yuji Nagata - a pro wrestler in Japan. I think he even did some work for WCW back in the day

I ask cuz the guy who got beat on by Fedor looked mad familiar.

Was that where I've seen him before? WCW? What did he do there?


Here is his pro wrestling profile......yes, he wrestled in WCW as, well..himself.