Late 19th/early 20th C. Catch

I'm getting started (finally) in grad school, and I'm working on an essay on American wrestling, late 19th/early 20th Century. Any suggestions for reliable source material? I'm specifically interested on anything that might shed light on the development of works as the predominant form of pro wrestling.

Thanks, guys.

I'd suggest checking out "A Pictorial History Of Wrestling" by Graeme Kent. Make sure it's the Kent book by that name and not one of several others by the same name.

"Fall Guys" is another I'd recommend. This can be found in one of Jake's AESW volumes I believe.

"From Milo To Londos" would be another must read IMO.

Those would be the top 3 IMO. You could also get Mark Hewitt's book for a starter.

What else guys?

the catch wrestling book ( by mark hewitt is the book you spoke of, right, scuffler?

Yes, that's the book.

I had forgotten that "From Milo To Londos" is also in one of Jake's AESW volumes. That and "Fall Guys" would be (must reads) IMO.

Wyoming's Wrestling Rancher by Hazel Odegard

Muldoon: The Solid Man of Sport by Edward Van Every

On the Mat and Off by Hjalmir Lundin

Life Work of Farmer Burns

Wrestling from Antiquity to Date by John C. Meyers

The Way to Live by George Hackenschmidt

Frank Gotch: World's Greatest Wrestler by Mike Chapman

Lion of the Punjab series by Graham Noble (in EJMAS)

From Wrestling to Rasslin' by Morton and O'Brien

Of Mats and Men by Glynn Leyshon

Wrestling's Hold on the Western World Before the Great War by Matthew Lindaman

"The Spectacle of Excess:" The Emergence of Modern Professional Wrestling in the United States and Australia by John Rickard

The Politics of Professional Wrestling by Jeffery Mondak

Magnificent Scufflers

Also, those mentioned by others on this thread.

Hope this helps!

Nathan Hatton

Awesome resources fellas!!

Thanks, guys!