Late Dec, Jan, and Feb MMA shows?

I am looking to get some of my guys fights for late December, January, and February. Are there any shows out there that are scheduled to take place then? If so, please email me at BZLJJ@AOL.COM, or leave an email address at which I can contact you! Thanks! :)

Where are you out of?

iowa kid


Ron, did you mention you have a guy willing to fight at 205 that is more than ready to go??? :)


I would also be interested in a fight in novem.. decem... jan...

TTT- BZLJJ has some of the top up and coming fighters!

Yes he does. =0)


You may want to take a look at the Canadian forum, I belive both TKO and APEX are having shows in Montreal early in the New Year.

Reality Combat is doing a huge event in February Ron.

email Clementi or go to the Reality Combat website and get some info

985-768-0411 Richs Cell

You wont get any response until after Euphoria I am sure, so you might wanna wait till next week.

TTT for reality combat!

Sportfight is having an event in Portland in January, also...

January Courage fighting Championships!!! Don't forget!

dave strasser is having an event in january in racine, wi and i will also be having a show in feb. in Madison, wi.

E-mail pat O'malley at and let him know who you want to get fights for, etc.

nick thompson

What fights in Arizona are you talking about? I would definitly be interested if they are amatuer.

You mean fighters managed by :


BZLJJ, your Horn-Lister fight will be on DVD in January i was told last night

you again? oh, 816-914-6527, with me...should have a cage event happening in January.