Laverne Clark on ESPN 2 @ 9pm(ET)

Laverne is fighting in a pro boxing match in San Diego against an undefeated up and coming fighter, he is a pretty heavy underdog but should put on a good show. It is on ESPN 2 at 9pm eastern time.

Awesome!! Thanks!!

Must be the second fight?

its on next, laverne against undefeated green(one of sugar ray's proteges)

Looks like Allen Green is Mikey Burnetts boy. I think I saw shamrock in his corner,

I can't believe they were the same weight.. That guy looked bigger than Clarke.

That guys was friggin large compared to Clarke.

Laverne was fighting up a weightclass, he normally fights at 168 but went up a weightclass to take this fight

Clark looked pretty bad. Teddy talked shit about him from before the fight started until after it was over. To bad.

What happened?

tko in 3 I think