Learning techniques w/Ecological Method

Okay, I think Eco training is a cool method of training, in addition to other ways to train. I think static drilling with no resistance is important, especially with learning new techniques and also when you need to sharpen up technique. However, I don’t buy the part about never teaching or showing moves to your students. Greg believes highly in this.

People who jump on his bandwagon and ride his nuts, tell me this-How did Greg learn stuff like saddle postion + heel hook, or double trouble? What about false reap position or backside 50/50+inverted heelhook? Did he spontaneously learn from playing his games? I’m not buying many of his claims and if he has learned outside of the method, it invalidates his claim that its all you need


Meh, I’ve seen guys armbar the wrong arm even after being instructed and drilling it repeately.

You think people like that are going to work out a heel hook system on their own?

There are people who, once they understand the underlying concept of something they can troubleshoot their way to a goal, but they are not the majority. For the majority of people the most effective way to improve is:

Drill, specific train, live roll. Repeat.


To the post above me from Peter- 100% agree

That was me to a “T”

I Instinctively did many correct singular movements without being taught but when it came to actual subs and techs it still takes me forever to commit it to muscle memory through the process of drilling.

At black belt, I’m finally able to revisit many of the techs i struggled to learn at the lower levels and make them work because i understand the principles, but it took me a decade and a half to get there and only reason i can now is i truly learned the principle from drilling it over and over and over again. I need to copy something, practice it over and over, then i can try to figure out what my options are from there