Leave SAGE Alone!!

Sage is only 19 years old and has time to get better. You know what they say, you can learn more in your defeats than your victories. He stepped up on short notice to fight above his weight class, give him props for that. I thought the first round was an exciting scrap, Sage showed flashes of potential, he didn't look technical at wrestling, looked like he was trying to just use strength moves. I think he should take some time off and work wrestling relentlessly, also how to conserve energy.

Leave Sage Alone!

yeah, the hate is too much. no need to kick a youngster when he is down. It's not his fault he is super-hawt and got marketed/paid real good. Leave this incredibly good looking asshole alone!

Phone Post 3.0

GROUNDnLB - Phone Post 3.0

lol. Perfect VU.