Leben-Quinton-Juanito Stinky

thaFormula.com - Wow I didn't know all this man, so you know I'm glad to see things working out now for you Juanito especially seeing how so many people thought Rampage was finished because of his performance in recent fights?

Juanito Ibarra - I'll tell you what, there is that kid that fought on the UFC card. What is it? Lieben I think. He fought on this same card. The one with the crazy hair and he stinks like hell. I was working on a UFC show last year and he was on the other side of the curtain and he didn't know I was there and he was talking to somebody and he said "man Rampage is washed up." And I called Rampage from the locker room and I said "son, this kid...I just heard this kid say right next to my ears that you are washed up." He goes "Juanito, I keep hearing that too." I said "you're just beginning."

Leben vs Quinton has to happen now.

Washed up at 28, lol. He should probably go back to either Canadia or Japan where the fighting is easier. Or kill Leben with one punch.

Leben's a bad character.....I hope he goes to the minors already. Maybe
King of the Cage. Stinky Leben....hahaaaaa

Leben certainly stinks like hell and we aren't talking about BO.