Leben to debut ESPN's MMA Unfiltered radio

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                                Leben to debut ESPN's MMA Unfiltered radio

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                    <p>The recently retired Chris Leben will be hosting ESPN&#39;s new daily radio show Unfiltered MMA, with co-host Lori Miller.</p>

Listeners can tune in via radio, live streaming video from the studio for national viewings, as well as live listen link for national audio.

The show will start airing next week.

2015 will prove to he a big year for "The Crippler" with Unfiltered MMA, the publishing of his autobiography, and a documentary accepted by Sundance film festival.

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ttt good for Chris. I hope it works out for him.

Been waiting for this. The Crippler is a natural. Very articulate and well spoken. He's sharp and he'll do very well.

Good stuff, he could do well in that format.

Janet Mason?

Awesome news, I was hoping he'd land something like this after fighting. Hopefully Reebok will bring some of the guys aboard after they retire just as Fox and Espn has.

. Phone Post 3.0

Does anyone think that the reebok deal has anything to do with espn jumping on board the mma wagon? Great news for the crippler... Phone Post 3.0

Good for leben!!! Phone Post 3.0

Here's hoping Chris has a good career after fighting. Entertained me a lot over the years. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome to read, I'm looking forward to listening. Best of luck to The Crippler! Phone Post 3.0

Way to go Chris. Looking forward to it.

Catsmasher radio can only be awesome. Good for Chris! Phone Post 3.0

The Cat Smasher! I'm glad he found what looks like to be a good gig post retirement. Phone Post 3.0


Chris cornered Bruno on the Undercard that Spiritwolf fought on a few weeks ago. Kid is a BEAST.

I'm glad to see Chris getting this opportunity. Phone Post 3.0

3 Sided Square - Janet Mason?

Dammit, you beat me to it.

Let Leben Bang Bro.... On The Radio!!

Giving Chris Leben a microphone and a time quota to fill with telling stories? What could possibly go wrong?

I give him a week before he tells a story that gets him fired.

That woman looks rude.

Ttt Phone Post 3.0