LeDoux doesn't care

Stated that he is worried about society as a whole and what is next after mma, death matches, mmmmm lets see the big picture, he wants to heavily regulate MMA in MN. under the boxing commission, and what is his job again, oh yeah he is head of the boxing commission, and every show he sees going on is one more dollar wasted not going to the bankroll of the commission someone correct me but did his bill last year prohibit chokes, or as Fox 9 put it, strangles. He did bring up a good point stating that boxing has more head trauma, and anyone who seen the interview is sure to agree.

Unless we do something, it'll be Mr. LeDoux

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Ledoux mentioned head trauma for boxers like 3 times a broken arm heals in 6-8 weeks head trauma is 4ever

I thought it came off kind of cheesy (the whole piece). They kept showing the crowd, but only focused on the people going nuts. Showed the guy warming up in the kitchen, etc...I don't know, it just gave me a bad vibe, like they (Fox 9) were trying to make it look low-class.

And WTF is with them calling a choke a "strangle"?