Lee Murray the Next Rickson?

shit, people on here talk about Murray the same way they talk about Rickson.

What i mean is they hype Murray and Rickson both when nobody has really seen them fight. Untill i see Murray fight a good fight that shows his skills, then i will make my oppinion. But untill then im not going to listen to all this Lee Murray shit that has been just talk. NOBODY HAS SEEN THIS GUY FIGHT. Even Murray said himself in an interview that Jorge Rivera wouldnt beable to study his fights because no footage of him exists.

So lets wait untill Murray shows us what he has before we say he is king. Hey i hope he is all that he is cracked up to be, we need some new exciting fighters.

And dont give me that usuall "he knocked out pele" bullshit. Congrats to him, but that doesnt make him a god.

Well, noone is saying he is god; but he knocked out Pele. And doing that is NOT bullshit.

He tapped Rivera, and that is NOT bullshit either.

I'm not about to jump on his nuts, but you can't KO Pele and submit Rivera if you don't have skills.


"What i mean is they hype Murray and Rickson both when nobody has really seen them fight."

I've seen both of them fight actually.

I don't think so. I get the sense that Murray would fight every twice a week if he could...

I never understand why people get upset about a fighter getting too much attention. A fighter getting people interested in him is never a bad thing. No one is calling him a god, you're just so worked up about it that you've brought it to that level in your own head. People are just pumped about him and everything he brings to the table. Never a bad thing.

Um, no.

I would compare him to Alex Steibling and Phil Baroni actually. These are guys made that are stars as a result of talk and controversy on the UG. Had there been no UF forum Alex is likely the only one that would've ever made it to the big time, and his wins in Brazil helped that.

ok, i was wrong in saying Rickson...but im just saying that Lee Murray hasnt been on TV for us to watch, yet he is talked about like everyone has seen him fight a hundred times

murray may be good but he's no rickson. lack "aura".