Lee Murray's Mother Speaks Out


ABOVE: Lee Murray's mum is confident he is innocent 8th November 2009 By Dominik LemanskiTHE mum of a cagefighter said to be the “mastermind” of the £53million ­Securitas robbery protested his ­innocence last night.

Lee Murray is accused of ­fleeing to Morocco with £33million of the spoils from Britain’s biggest ever cash heist in Tonbridge, Kent, in February 2006.

He was arrested there and is now sharing a squalid prison cell with 18 other prisoners after spending six months in solitary confinement.

But his mum, Barbara Lamrani Murray, 60, told the Daily Star ­Sunday: “If he did have £33million he’d have paid off the judges and bought himself out of there by now.

“Everything in Morocco works with bribes. You can pay anyone off.

“Do you think I’d still be living here and going to work if Lee had that money?”

Mrs Murray even has to send him money so he can feed himself in jail.

She said: “He has to cook his own food. So I have set up an agreement with a local grocer whereby I send him roughly £300 a month to take all Lee’s food directly to the jail.

“Does that sound like the ­behaviour of someone with £33million stashed under the bed?”

Police have recovered £20million of the proceeds of the robbery but the rest is still missing.

And martial arts expert Murray, 31, is alleged to have fled with the rest and bought a luxury villa in the Souissi district of Rabat in Morocco.

He is currently in Salé jail outside Rabat and could be put on trial in Morocco over his alleged ­involvement in the Securitas heist.

Murray, brought up on a tough estate in Plumstead, south east London, was known as “Lightning Lee” during his Ultimate Fighting Championship career in the 1990s and even battled with Jordan’s new lover Alex Reid.

Now his mum, who lives in Erith, Kent, is concerned he is being victimised by the Moroccan ­authorities because of his “celebrity status” in the hardline prison.

Mrs Murray said: “They have picked on Lee as they all know who he is. Earlier this year he got into a fight and was sent to solitary.

“The recommended stay is 45 days but they kept Lee in there ­until October. That’s nearly six months. Luckily Lee is tough.

“He has lost some weight, of course, as it’s so hot in there but he is still managing to keep fit.” She went on: “I am planning to take out an exercise bike with me next time I visit.

“Since his release from solitary confinement he’s been allowed out in the yard to exercise for the first time in months. He’s also doing a lot of reading and he speaks Arabic so he’s getting on OK.”

But she added: “The conditions in Salé prison are terrible. If London’s Belmarsh was anything like that place there would be nobody in it.

“Prisons over here are like holiday camps compared with that place.

“Lee shares his cell with 18 other prisoners. One time when we went to visit him the cell was flooded with water up to Lee’s knees.”

Last month, Murray’s best friend Paul Allen, 32, was jailed for 18 years for his part in the Securitas raid.

Co-conspirator Roger Coutts, 32, later jailed for at least 15 years for his part in the robbery, told the Old Bailey: “Lee Murray has security firms, he runs doormen, he has flash cars and he is a well-known drug dealer. Everyone knows it. He’s a gangster.”

Both Kent Police and prosecutor Sir John Nutting QC also pointed to him as the mastermind of the ­£53million raid.

But last night Murray’s family were still protesting his innocence.

His mother added: “He understands they all need to point the finger elsewhere to get their sentences reduced. That’s why they call him the mastermind. There are no hard feelings. My son is innocent.”

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 Lee Murray Never Die !!

TTT for Lee One Hell Of A Fuckin Legend!

 A mom will usually stand by her son no matter what in my experience... a mothers child can do no wrong... lol

i`d love to read his autobiography(if he wrote one)

what are security firms?

he had his own bouncer company?

in before the moralists!

fuck lee murray. let him fade away where he belongs, in jail

always love your mother kid
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