Left Hooks in Muay Thai?

Generally speaking, is a left of much value in Muay Thai?

I have, on a very few occasions, sparred under "International" Muay Thai rules (i.e. no elbows) and have not really been able to use, nor been hit by anyone else's, left hook because it seems that once we get into a close enough range to launch an effective hook, it is rather easy and tempting to lock up a clinch. Does this mean that if one were to cross over to Muay Thai that it would be best to concentrate on futher refining their jab and straight right as opposed to their left hook? Or does one see, generally speaking, just as many left hooks thrown in Muay Thai as straight punches?

Raymond Dekker. Mean ass left hook.



clinch or no clinch, the left hook is an excellent weapon. if you're having problems with getting clinched in the middle of throwing you're left hook, then throw it over their arm at a downward angle. also, setting up the punch is crucial for ko contact. where exactly are you running into problems with execution?

I have countless sparring rounds and I fought matches with international and full thai rules. And in boxing they consider the left hook the best punch in the sweet science. And same thing in Muay thai, its a great weapon.
I've been caught countless times lol and I have caught alot of people with it. If you can't get it off without getting locked up theres proable one of 3 things going in. You have to commit to throw it, its a closer range shot. You not setting it up, or most likely you throwing to close, you already inside clinch range when u throwing it.

Thanks for the tips guys.

Yeah, I guess the reason I am getting caught is becaues I throw it when I am in clinch range. But how would I avoid getting caught with a counter right hand if i throw it from far out? And wouldn't the power decrease if I throw it from far out?

Guess I gotta shake off some of my habits from boxing and kickboxing.

man, there are almost as many ways to throw a L hook as there are to throw a jab.
"And wouldn't the power decrease if I throw it from far out?"
yes and no. roy jones jr throws an excellent long range hook. you'll lose power until you master the punch of course, but its still a powerfull shot.

1..you can lean into your back leg and throw a long range hook from the hip as they come in.
2..you can throw an exagerated strait right first and bomb a traditional hook as you bring your right hand back in. this is great going forward. or you can fake the right, just make sure you wind the hook durring the fake.


Left Hook. Oh and Ramon Dekker is in the clip Too.