leg exercises

Hey Chris I have problems with my leg strength. You see I have rather big thighs but really weak calves and when I go runnung or train Thai boxing for a while my calves give up. This is really a pain in the arse for me and I was wondering if you or anyone else had any tips on how I could strengthen my calves. Cheers, any help would be appreciated.

That is with no weight training and they were my worst body part on my body when I was bodybuilding. They have grown twice as big and strong as when I was lifting.

For the record those are freaking cows not calves.

Did you guys see that homo on mtv that got calve implants? ISSUES!!!

Damn. How does one go about getting calves like that?

Hills and stairs

So, that's what happened to my turtle shell collection.

Any specific routine for getting strong calves like that Mr Brennan??


Every day or every other day or...?
30 minutes per session or 45 minutes per session or...?

2 times a week for about 45 minutes. STEEP STAIRS!!!

over on chris site someone posted a pic of stairs that would be a good example of how steep!!

link anyone?? and Mr Brennan how bout weight training would that help at all?? calve raises? donkey's?? etc?


Go to NHB Training and click 1000 steps

Luvmachine, how can u train with body weight??

I started doing hill sprints with my coach and I started to feel stronger and a lot faster at Thai boxing training and even in jiu jitsu and I walked past the mirror the other day crapped my self when I saw the changes in my calves. Nothing like Chris's but still i'm stoked, hills rock cheers Chris.

THats why i am here :)

sexy beast (romos)