Leg kicks v. a boxer again

Yeah, the other day my mom (a mom) and my brother (a boxer) were playfighting, my brother was definatley heading for a ref stoppage with his quick hands but no! My mom started holding him at bay with leg kicks, and the tides turned completely. They were pretty sloppy, but effective. So there ya go guys, kick people in the legs.


My fight 2 days ago i was doing well with my hands but i ate alot of leg kicks and let me tell u, they hurt, even with the adreneline. At one stage i got dropped by one but managed to shoot a double in time.

Definately effective.

What are these 'leg kicks' you speak of?

Fend off late kicks using the jab, works good. You'll still eat some kicks, but less power on them due to opponent getting hit in face.

To drill, have someone throw leg kicks at you, you try to pop him in the chest, knocking him off balance(pushing).

Taught to me by the late great Alex Gong.RIP


I remember when that shit went down. BAD NEWS!

I just got Butterbean/Bernardo last week.Leg kicks weren't as easy to block as one would think