Leg Lock videos

Which tapes would you guys suggest one go to if one is a beginner when it comes to leg locks?
And then once one is no longer a beginner, which videos would you recommend at being the best when it comes to leg locks? Paulsen's? Cecchine's? Yakimov? Roy Harris? Which ones are worth getting? And which ones overlap and to what extent?

And has anyone checked out www.leglocks.com ? Anything on there worth getting?

good video series...


see my reply on the BJJ forum


I didn't see any leglock video series or any products for sale at that URL...could you direct me to where I could find them?

in the gear section... http://www.dogsofwar.net/videos.htm


Try Vincent Fields leg lock video. So much information one tape for a great price. I would also pick up Paulson's. I've got almost every leg lock set out there except for dynamic kneebars and the one's from leglocks.com. Vincent's and eric's tapes are great.


Agree with Vince Fields' Video, Haven't seen his leg lock video with 100+ leg locks, but I've been to a couple of his seminars, including the one filmed in San Antonio and offered on his site. Learned a lot in a short time. Even pulling some off on other who have more grappling experience that I do.

Check out the Realistic Martial Arts Training Association at - www.rmata.com

check out tony cecchine catch wrestling tapes
he has a few good leg tapes/dvds

Vince Fields tape is loaded with great and detailed info for the price!

Which Vince Fields video?


Can be found here: http://www.vincentfields.com/store.html

Does anyone have any clue as to how soon his 10 DVD set will be out?


Tony Cecchine's leg lock tapes are top notch!!!

Vince says it will probably be around three months? I think. He's gonna post the curriculum on the website so that people can get started a short while before the DVD's. Can't wait myself!!!

Vince also has some great leglock stuff on his mma tape.