Legacy Of The OG

So The OG has changed, new layout, new people, all the old threads gone. Throughout the life of the OG, many people have come and gone (more have cum then gone). But there are a few people that the OG still raves about. Their Legendary threads, there awesome trolls, polls on whether or not these people should post again or not. Though i am new to the OG i have lurked for a while. There are a few names that are always talked about. Unfortunately i cannot remember them all. so the purpose of this thread is to troll you all ....JK. For people that are new and have just joined, there are many jokes or people they may not have known, or posts they may not have read. im not saying they are entitled to know them all, but just to keep this place fun, tell us a bit about the "Legends of the OG". I cant think of too many names so ill leave it up to those who do.

ill start with Soup Nazi- His Legacy, always posting pictures of hot girls no matter how fucked up everything else in the world is. lets say someone makes a bad thread, Soup would come in and say you know what...Soup for everybody and save the thread with Adriana or Giselle. I still always look forward to the soup of the day. you can see his posts all around the og, look for the soup of the day.

Solaris9- Now i dont want to give this guy a spot because he didnt finish the story, but he deserves it. he single handedly cockteased the interweb. from this day forward we will always ask every girl we meet named bella if she has a sister named lisa that we can meet. look for this story on the thread "Ever Try To Pick Up A Girl Next To You On A Plane?" by Weasling. Just A Warning, There is no ending, so prepare for blue balls.

you guys continue, or just flame me for having a bad idea, this is the OG after all.also feel free to post anything else you feel people should know about the OG, such as legendary threads, etc.

and i dont know you, and probably dont have the right to say it but...Fuck You Sepe

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