Legalized MMA vs Vale Tudo

What is the difference between vale tudo in Brazil and MMA in the US?

I know vale tudo is "anything goes" but I am assuming it must have some

I think they have added more rules, but back in the day, it was pretty much like the first few UFC's

IMO Vale Tudo is a range from no biting, eye gouges or fishhooking/finger in orifices, but can also include no groin strikes, hair pulling and wearing gloves. Add anything else and it is not Vale Tudo anymore.

Vale Tudo:

Two Rules: No biting and No eye gouging

Two ways to win: Knock out and Tap Out

With No rounds and No time limit.

Anything the least bit different,

is well........... NOT Vale Tudo.

About 90% of the UG have forgotten just how big the difference is between Vale Tudo and "todays" MMA

It doesn't seem like "vale tudo" is used or heard much about much

Are there still any events out there that use the old Vale Tudo/Pankration rules?

Vale Tudo by definition then is definitely not sanctioned by the U.S.

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