Legendary boxing trainer says Ngannou has to 'improve some more' to beat Gane

Is Teddy Atlas right?



Ngannou has a skill disadvantage almost every fight. This is a guy that got outpointed by Derrick Lewis. His only chance is to land a big one.


Let’s hope he lands the big one. Gane is gonna be a boring champ. I want kos at heavyweight.

Speaking of boxing, UFC should make this an all heavyweight main card like the recent Fury-Wilder card.

They did it once before (UFC 146) and it was awesome with all finishes.

Yet he really had TECHNICAL answers - and counters - in his last bout with Miocic. And THAT was scary. But Gane has another style and fights like a MW, so maybe not for him. But he clearly did a lot of serious dedicated work prior to Miocic, which was not a certainty before.


I’d like to see him work with Frank Sanchez in Canelo gym.

Francis is an extremely heavy handed brawler. Ciryl Ganes is a slightly less but still extremely heavy handed technical striker

I believe Ciryl is going to take Francis’ head off and then we’ll never see him in the ufc again since he keeps complaining about the ufc

Yeah thats pretty spot on imo. Francis needs to do nothing but work on the bare basics of boxing and striking.

Also I’m curious to hear what you guys think he’s referring to when he claims that now that Francis is taking a short cut to win he’s no longer on the team. That says peds to me. I can’t think of another way of cheating the game unless he’s just saying he’s not been training as hard as he thinks he should?