leglocks for MMA which ones work

very important question your views will be intresting,I notice people dont use many leglocks MMA is it because they dont work well the leglock that I think could be a great finisher would be a shinlock from the halfmount the leg always seems to be there for the taking but people dont even grab it and rip up
What is the reason we dont see this move?

The other leglocks I understand are risky because of losing position.

So which leglocks do you think work well for MMA and please answer my shinlock question thanks!

When it comes to shin locks in general, you don't have a lot of control over your opponent's body. Therefore, trying to get your opponent to tap from it requires that you use a lot of speed, explosiveness, and little surprise. I find that shinlocks are great for unsuspecting people, however, against skilled opponents, I find it too risky to attempt submissions that don't allow you to have decent control over the body.

A shinlock is supposed to affect the ankle and also cause pain in the shin. In a MMA situation, I wouldn't count on the pain in the shin to cause anyone to tap. If you can't lock the ankle, I wouldn't count on it.

Due to lack of body control, it is too risky to play around with those kind of leglocks, especially in MMA where strikes are involved. Lack of body control can allow your opponent to get advantageous position or get an effective strike.

Basic kneelocks and heelhooks seem to work best in general. When it comes to fighting skilled opponents, stick with solid high percentage moves.