Len Smith to fight in Sportfight

Len Smith has just been confirmed to take a short notice fight in Oregons Sportfight. He will take on veteran Dave Cochran in a 3 x 5 min. professional fight.

Len just returned from training at Chris Brennan's Academy for 2 weeks in preperation for his fight in Guam in May so he is confident and ready to fight.

Len is excited to showcase his skills in front of a # of MMA's top stars as well as some of the promoters out there scouting this event.

He will enter the ring 5-0 and look at pounding out another victory

best of luck Len.... Have fun

Good Luck Len!

Good stuff...I wanted this guy out East ages ago!! I hope he rattles some heads in Guam.


TTT for Len.

Jason...that issue with the clips. HOOK A BROTHER UP MAN...:)

I'm just waiting for you advice.

Joe I am not sure how you could get what I sent you working but Len and Gary's highlight vid will be hosted on our site very soon !


I just read on the UG that Len got Ko'd in the first round. It's too bad for Len, but Cochran had a huge experience advantage. Cochran has fought more time this year that Len had in his entire career!

Len stepped up on short notice ( no excuse ),a fight is a fight it can go many ways. We are booking a rematch for July Shut-up and Fight!A Canadian fighter stepped up and faught an American, good on Len!!!

Good effort Len.... Looking forward to seeing you get back in the ring in the future.

This is Lens' first loss, anyone can get dropped or ko'd.

He'll be back even better.


Wasn't Justin Tavernini supposed to fight also ?


Just got back from Sportfight and Len is disappointed in his performance but more importantly is is using his anger to increase his training he got caught brawling with a brawler and knows his mistake and is determined to correct this mistake for future fights. It was a flash knockout and he is fine which is the important thing Len is sheduled to fight at least once a month for the next 5 months so far so he will increase his experience and level of fighting quickly he is a talented kid and has a bright future he knows to learn from losses and use them to drive himself rather than dwell on them.

He is looking forward to Guam to redeem himself. It is tough to take a loss especially a first loss but Len had some ring rust from having a year layoff but he will be back stronger than ever.

Justin's opponent had a death in the family and pulled out and Jason Day was very sick but are both scheduled for the next Sportfight.

Len is still a stud. Losses can be good things, sometimes anyway. Too bad about Jay and Justin.

A loss means Len has only one way to go...and that's up.