Leon Worst WW Champ in a Decade plus

Leon is easily the worst fighter to become a WW champion in the last 10+ years.

His biggest highlights are getting rocked by Diaz and finishing Usman.

The man went on a 9 fight win streak without fighting someone in the top 5. Barley anyone in the top 10.

He took 2 years off of fighting because of Covid and he has never had more then 2 UFC fights a year.

He got lucky against old worn out Usman.


U know who didnt get lucky vs Usman? Colby.

U know who’s had a longer layoff than Leon? Colby.

U know who has no wins over a current top 10 WW on the UFC Roster? Colby.

Guess who’s getting the next title shot. Yep, Colby. The guy whos last win over someone who isnt retired was in 2018.

So maybe Leon aint so bad is all im saying


This thread had nothing to do with Covington and the OP never even mentioned him

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The whole Usman/Colby/Edwards/Belal era has been a totally uninteresting compared to other times at WW and I’d love to see all of them retire tomorrow and I’d enjoy the UFC WW division more if they did.

I try to ignore them and enjoy some of the up and coming WW’s like Rakhmonov and just like LW and MW a lot more right now.


This is like the “but, but, but Trump” excuses liberals make, but MMA style. Lol


Leon and Colby are wasting their primes. Colby, who is pushing 36, in particular. Leon still has a few years. Let’s see what he does with them.

Hate them or love them, guys like Usman and Adesanya are the gold standard - both with 5+ title fights in just about 2 years.


Lol. He iced the second best welter of all time then beat him again. Shut uppa ya face


Where the fuck did I mention Colby though?? lol

Hes no different then Leon. Inactive as fuck holding up the division

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He doesnt have any standout traits but he is pretty well rounded and a tall, rangey WW. Also Usman was looking like an ATG and Leon completely derailed him, and unlike Serra he didnt shit the bed in the rematch. He was beating the shit out of Belal too.

I suppose he might be the worst WW champ in a decade plus, but a lot of that is because the division has had pretty strong champs overall.


I thought the Usman/Colby rivalry was very entertaining and two of the bigger fights in WW history, and it was exciting when it seemed like Usman and Khamzat were on a collision course. But yeah, stuff like Usman needlessly fighting Jorge twice, Colbys inactivity, Usman/Khamzat not happening and the not very exciting/marketable Leon winning the belt all kind of killed the hype over time.


To earn a WW title shot he went to a
NC Vs B-Lol
Then a victory over a shot/semi retired avarage 155er in Nate Diaz



he did more than colby to earn his shot. and unlike colbys other two shots, leon won.


Can u really argue about who had Wins over better competition


Dont forget ALJO

(whoops missed the WW)

Aljo isn’t a WW

If we are talking about all UFC champions
Nicco Montanõ is at the top of the list

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Don’t agree. Leon has a great story and is an upstanding guy. He needs to be more active though


the only legit names on colbys record were old and washed when he fought them.

You could argue the first title shot but there’s no way that you can defend this 3rd title shot for colby. He beat nearly retired street fighter masvidal and that’s literally it.

1 fight win streak over an old bum vs 8 fight win streak.

Lol, u really don’t like Colby do you.

U know it’s a gimmick, and he isn’t anything like his gimmick in real life.

He’s a good bloke.

And I want him to win the title from my UK compatriot


yeah I get that it’s a gimmick. To me it’s the corniest lamest gimmick especially considering his whole style in the cage is boring as fuck.


I’ll give u that.

It is corny,

Now give me this, he’s better to watch in the cage than B-Lol. (B-Lol has a 80% decision rate, and is boring AF