Leslie Smith talks in depth about recent headlines

UFC competitor, Leslie "The Peacemaker" Smith goes in depth about her career and recent headlines in the latest edition of Cageside with Cain

First off Leslie, thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with us. We last saw in in the Octagon back in November, how has your training been going as of late?

Unfortunately, recently I have not been doing a ton of martial arts training because I had surgery on my meniscus at the beginning of April. I went in for my six week post-op to talk to the doctor and he said that I needed to take another six weeks before I can do pretty much anything with martial arts, which was a big bummer but I’m looking on the bright side. I’m working on my push ups and my pull ups. I have the whole rest of my body that I can use. I’m definitely using my brain. I’m trying to think about things.

Since my last fight, when I fought Jessica "Evil" Eye, my ear got messed up and the doctor ended up calling it. I saw that the doctor came in to check out my ear and as soon as they came in and looked at it, I should have said “Oh hey, I need to change my gameplan” because no matter what, the ref thinks that the doctor needs to look at me so I should have switched my game over immediately. Since then, I have been working on switching my mind over to wrestling. So that was actually one of the things that I’m most proud of as far as my performance.

In the incident that happened recently with my friend getting her butt grabbed, I didn’t go to fight the guy. I just went to tell him that he can’t do that and I had the idea that I was gonna explain that to him calmly and that he was gonna say “Okay, well I’m sorry” but instead he spit in my face and threw a punch at me. So we ended up fighting but that’s one of my first takedowns in an actual fight. I was thrilled with myself that all this thinking that I’ve been doing recently and trying to re-wire my brain has been paying off. I had proof! It was right there! It was great!

Speaking of your ear injury, how long did it take for it to heal up?
It didn’t last that long. I was fine. I think it was just six weeks that I had to take before I was good to go and train again. It might have even been a little bit less than that. I had been wearing headgear which it turns out after years of avoiding it, I actually like wearing headgear. I kind of like how I can’t really hear everything quite as well so it helps me get into my zone a little bit better.


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