Lesnar & Henderson's actions...

 Remind us that this is a sport but it's also an actual fight. These guys don't always like eachother and the beef is still there after the fight and these things do get personal.

I find their actions after the fight rather refreshing actually.

Also, why is everyone jumping on Brock's case when Mir popped up and tried rushing Brock?

Great night of fights and if Brock didn't prove he's the real deal now, I don't know what it'll take.

I thought Brock's shit was more cheesy meathead than offensive. some people are lousy winners lol

hendo's shit was rather satisfying

Seriously though. Isn't that what made Tito so damned popular? He talked shit before, during, and after the fight. Same with Frank Shamrock. I don't get why the hell so many people get their panties in a bunch over this.

Brock is selling himself as the bad guy. What is the end result? More money for Brock, more money for the UFC, and better build up leading to dominating bouts.

Let me ask you, are you more prone to buy the PPV now to see Brock lose? I'm thinking so.

So now we wait and see if Dana can land Fedor because you know that will be the biggest fight in UFC history.