Lesnar-Overeem 535K Buys???

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The ratings have been so horrible this last year or so someone in the company needs to figure out what they need to get back on track. Phone Post

lowering the ppv costs would be a great start.

Rahjai - lowering the ppv costs would be a great start.

Dont think thats up to Zuffa :/ Phone Post

Remember, that fight took place on a Friday night.

get 2 million eyeballs on fx every week and you'll consistently get 4 million on fox.  Get 4 million on fox and you can funnel some of that back to fx the following week and the 2 million will grow.  The 2 million on fx grows to 2.5m then the viewership on fox will likely grow more and the cycle continues until the UFC hits an audience peak.  This is the only way you right the ship which is headed for disaster.

I think the peak is somewhere around 3 million for fight nights on fx (if they move back to saturdays and tuf is given a better night)... and around 6 million on fox, but we may never know because the distribution strategy is all messed up.


 ^  bisping vs mayhem pulled 3.5 mil on spike.  courure vs vera pulled 3.7m on spike.  so for fight nights 3million on fx in a better time slot is very much realistic.

Rashad vs Davis averaged 4.7m on fox.   if you have 2 to 3 million eyeballs a week on your product then you can create the stars and fights that would pull 4 to 6 million viewers on fox...  you would have 2 to 3 million fans knowing there's a big fight on fox the following week who'd create the buzz and spread the word to other people.


"Overeem brings the buys!" - Overeem nut huggers

"Eh, Meltzer was only off by 200,000+ buys" - UG

This is bad, but not as bad as his "Anderson vs. Chael's first match easily did a million buys."  I guess we'll be getting a revised figure on Anderson vs. Chael 2 in the future.