Lesner vs ?????

Who thinks Leanar is jumping straight into the deep water with high food chain heavyweight predators and bypassing the chum?


Lesnar v JDS
Lesnar v Sruve
Lesnar vs Cain

Anyone else? Phone Post 3.0

Hunt is odds on favorite Phone Post 3.0

Fedor!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

JDS is hurt
Cain has a fight Phone Post 3.0

Carwin Phone Post 3.0

Its mark hunt Phone Post 3.0

good question

I think it's Carwin Phone Post 3.0

Mark hunt has been talking that dana told him to be ready for ufc 200, so it would nearly have to be him Phone Post 3.0

Most likely big nog. Not that good TDD, and Brock outweighs him by a lot, so all he needs to do is drill sub defenses and he can control big nog from the top, smother him to avoid any sub attempts, and get the win like he did at 100 Phone Post 3.0