Let’s all pray Dolce doesn’t screw BJ AFAK.

We all know zombie leg bj penn was dolces fault 

let’s hope he has nothing to do with this camp and bj doesn’t come out fighting in that ridiculous zombie leg manner and loose because of Dolce 

burn in hell Dolce 


Tippy toe BJ fights to the death brah

BJ fans have an excuse for all of his losses.

Dolce’s diet caused Penn to do the tippy toe fight style?

Dolce is a good dude, why knock him for Penn’s failures?? Penn is out of his prime and needs to let it go

Cant tell if troll??? But BJ fired Dolce very publicly after that fight...

BJ made weight before and after Dolce.. he doesn't need him

All BJ needs to do is keep this on the feet and not be a dumbass like Gray Maynard.

Sure, he could trade submissions with Hall(and possibly lose because Ryan Hall’s heel hooks are awesome), but why do that when he could knock him the hell out.

I always suspected flax seed, avocados and coconut oil made you stand on your tippy toes…

The fight is at lightweight, not feather.

Did BJ lack strength, endurance, and speed? Was he able to train well for the fight? These are the things to ask. Not if he fought well.

Blaming Dolce for that aspect is flat out up fair, no matter what you think of the guy. That like blame your math teacher for getting a low GPA because you failed english

Why BJ?

Right Hand JO Power -

BJ fans have an excuse for all of his losses.

The tippy toe fight was legit bizarre and deserves to be criticized. 

I don’t think his shape will be the reason for him losing the fight.

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Right Hand JO Power -

BJ fans have an excuse for all of his losses.

The tippy toe fight was legit bizarre and deserves to be criticized. 

you are right, but that has nothing to do with Dolce

Fahqhard - 

Dolce does not game plan... that was parillo finding that bj was landing harder punches from that gay tippy toe stance.. i think dolce cooks and shit,n dont hold pads lol..  bottom line bj penn is done.. since the 1st robbery decision that they gave edger,penn lost sonething that night.. they stole more then just a bad decision. I always wonder what would have happened to bj career had they not robbed him that night.. would he have beat benson next.  His true potential will never be known all because some cunt judges.. worst robbery ever

parillo had nothing to do with that training camp, forget who BJ trained with but it wasnt parillo, he just asked him to corner last minute

afterwards parillo said it wasnt his idea, he wasnt in the camp and he didnt like it, but he couldnt do anything about it

Bj trained at Nova uniao for edgar3

No no no 

bj said it was 100 percent dolces fault 

so that being said 

zombie leg Jesus was really zombie leg Dolce and for that he will never be forgiven



all dolce fault..... his fault that we need a "motivated penn" to be at top notch. Quit with the excuses. It's on him to stay MOTIVATED his whole career. Great career, but it's time motherfuckers. Also if he got that decision over Edgar, not much would of changed. Father of time doesn't give a shit about that stuff.

i know bj refused the iv bag to rehydrate, then later said he felt too weak to carry his bags up the stairs

dehydration was part of his bad performance

strategy also sucked "striking from guard"....