Let's compare the Top 3 Middleweight Contenders...

Vitor, Hendo, and Nate. Here are their last 5 fights...

* Vitor

 Win Rich Franklin TKO (Punches) UFC 103 - Franklin vs. Belfort 9/19/2009 1 3:02
 Win Matt Lindland KO (Punches) Affliction - Day of Reckoning 1/24/2009 1 0:37
 Win Terry Martin KO (Punches) Affliction - Banned 7/19/2008 2 3:12
 Win James Zikic Decision (Unanimous) CR 23 - Unbelievable 9/22/2007 3 5:00
 Win Ivan Serati TKO (Punches) CR 21 - Judgement Day 4/21/2007 1 3:47

* Hendo

 Win Michael Bisping KO (Punch) UFC 100 - Lesnar vs. Mir 2 7/11/2009 2 3:20
 Win Rich Franklin Decision (Split) UFC 93 - Franklin vs. Henderson 1/17/2009 3 5:00
 Win Rousimar Palhares Decision (Unanimous) UFC 88 - Breakthrough 9/6/2008 3 5:00
 Loss Anderson Silva Submission (Rear Naked Choke) UFC 82 - Pride of a Champion 3/1/2008 2 4:52
 Loss Quinton Jackson Decision (Unanimous) UFC 75 - Champion vs. Champion 9/8/2007 5 5:00

I agree.

when you put it like that, Vitor.

Tom Lawlor - when you put it like that, Vitor.

i have to agree with Tom on this one


Vitor, but I sure hope they don't just skip Nate. :&

 I'd like to see Nate vs Vitor for the right to fight Anderson.

Henderson is #3 in that list for sure. I know Dan actually won a round against Silva but I have little interest in seeing him fight Silva again. 


if I had to pick one for the next shot it would be Nate. He's been tearing shit up in all of his recent fights

Belfort would top my list also, but I wonder how difficult it would be for him to make 185. From what I read, he struggled to hit 195 for the catchweight fight against Franklin.

 Vitor has had trouble dealing with tall muay thai fighters before.

I am thinking back to the Overeem fight when I say this. Maybe it was an off night for him but still... something to think about.

I want to see Vitor

I wanted to see Nate fight Franklin

Hendo is probably the most deserving since he just beat Bisping after a season of Tuf and then beat Franklin.

I hope Vitor gets the fight but he did lose to decision to Hendo (a long time ago)

^ Yes. And that's why they shouldn't fight before one gets a title shot. If one of them gets the title perhaps, good marketing for a future match-up. Plus it's a much different time, with two completely different fighters. Personally I say give it to Vitor, then have Hendo and Nate fight for the next title shot. But I'm fine with whoever. I just want to see legit contenders get their shot at Anderson finally.


Vitor's competion was not on the level of what Marquardt and Henderson so records are irrelevant.  And catching Franklin behind the head (before the one good shot in the last few shots to the back of the head) which led to the TKO doesn't do much for him unfortunately.  A clean KO of Franklin would have made a difference.

Now, the one thing that does matter is that Marquardt & Hendo have had their shot so give Vitor next anyway.  He'll get beaten and give Marquardt & Hendo time to fight and determine the next shot.


^ IMO, for future marketing purposes, either Vitor or Hendo get the shot. And whoever don't, fights Nate for the next one. Given that Vitor and Hendo have fought before, and let's say one of them wins the title, for future purposes you can market that rematch. But if you do Hendo vs Vitor now, and let's say Hendo wins again, Vitor's down 2 to 0 with him. You just killed another contender. Idk, that's just my two cents.

Henderson should get the title shot for two reasons. One he was basically promised it, and two he is by far the oldest. He is 38, so this is his last chance. Then marquardt, then vitor. Give vitor another fight so they can build him some more.

Honestly I think Marquardt deserves it most. He's had the toughest road to travel over the last couple of years. Vitor may be a more interesting opponent though, just because it's a matchup we haven't seen yet.

Tomato Can - Honestly I think Marquardt deserves it most. He's had the toughest road to travel over the last couple of years. Vitor may be a more interesting opponent though, just because it's a matchup we haven't seen yet.

What kind of shit is this. Look at the opponents Dan has faced compared to Nate, from late 2006 till now, albeit Nate has faced more 185s the level of opponents have been much much higher for Henderson.