Lets see how many experts REALLY exist...

 I need a ballpark price/value for (2) different Pride FC Trophies... I know that to make a really good determination of value one would need to know the EXACT fighter and fight... BUT I can't do that lol... so I can tell you that the fighter has over 25 fights, a better than decent record... and has fought for a LONG time... not a household name but these two would be from wins, one a TKO from soccer kicks!!! So lets see what you guys come up with as a fair value... I already know what I will be offering but I want to see how many of you can accurately guestimate the value.

MURPHY! I want to hear from you especially... what do you think??? (2) One of a kind, Pride FC victory trophies...

I WILL NOT tell the fighters name so if you guess... i will say "yes" to every named fighter. Please dont be ashamed or embarrassed to take a stab at it! EVERYBODY is encouraged to post a value!

Thank YOU!!!

Honestly, I have the trophy catalog. I just need to know what the plaque says and I'd just get my own made for $50.

I'd put a fight won trophy (which gives it away as early PRIDE) to be $500-$1000 (high end PRIDE star fighter).

Same level as the UFC tournament medals in my opinion.

 PTS is probably right on this one.

Not a household name = $500

I dont get how this would determine if somebody is an "expert".  If something like this has never come up for sale then it would be the first time a price would be determined for something like this.  It wouldnt matter if you were an "expert" or not in determining the value.

It was a cute little game though.

If you are new here you will eventualy notice FP does stuff like this ALOT.  He will make a very vague thread about.......

"ZOMFG!!! I am about to buy something VERY RARE and NEVER seen before!"

But when asked about it he will say....

"Oh I cant tell you and I cant show you pics either when I get it either".

Just take that recent thread about the $20k worth of posters that he cant show one pic or even list a description of the rare posters nobody has ever seen.  He also made a thread a while back about fight worn gloves from an unnamed Pride fighter he was getting and just now about a fight trophy.  In the end the story is always the same, its "Oh I cant tell you what it is".

Ive noticed hes taken a big interest in trying to discredit me and my memorabilia.  I think he may be worried about potential customers buying from me and not him.  Thats my 2 cents.

Fuck the trophie I want one of the big ass checks

 Murph you crack me up dude... its always a contest with you... I'll bet that back in high school you were super-competetive right??? Always had to win...

 I'm not trying to discredit any of your shit. at all. I'm actually saving you problems down the road... I know for a fact that if somebody would have offered you $ for the flower poster you would have jumped on it. And unless they asked you if fedor signed it you would have just mailed it off (did you even know Fedor didnt sign it?). I also know you well enough to know that you are a stand-up dude and you wouldnt (knowingly) deceive anybody. I have been fucked many times like this (missing sigs)... even by somebody that posts on this board... i'm just lookin out for the new guy, so dont take it personal.

About the 20K poster deal... I can post some pics just to satisfy your thirst for knowledge ok... I'm not back at the lab right now, so it'll have to wait till i get back... can you possibly wait another couple days??? lmao.

Im not even close to an expert, but the first thing that popped into my head when I read about it was like 600-650.