Lets see your Xmas jiujitsu gifts

I got Robson Moura's Fusion 1 dvd set and Saulo's Jiu-jitsu University.

The book looks great, if a little bit ambitious. I haven't popped in the dvds yet, but I know that it's going to be a big help to my game.

I got all my christmas gifts durign the black friday sales.

Saulo's JJU, and a Fuji gi.

 Saulo's Jiu-jitsu University.  Pretty impressed on first look.

I got mounted north to south by my instuctor for x mas and my birthday.

1 demian Maia science of jj 2 and 1 saulo freestyle revolution. An OTM Medevil gi, a Koral MKM in blue,and Renzo Gracie Legacy DVD. A Koral Blue belt and an Atama blue belt

just got my Atama Mundials #7 and a atama gi bag best christmas yet

oh and a case of monster

My wife got me a Lucky Gi and new gym bag. My game is gonna go through the roof.

I'm going to buy an atama single weeve and Saulo's Jiu Jitsu University with money I got from X-mas.

i received darrell gholar's takesdowns for mma dvd, lucas lepri dvd, corbinha japanese vol 2 dvd, bears lost half guard tech dvd and corbinhas so to be released 3 disc set for xmas. i will have a lot to watch in the next few months.

New headgear.

new fuji gi, new sirius gi, pan am 2008 dvd

I really like the look and feel of the sirius gi.

subscription to GracieMag

Randy, how's your son doing? If memory serves he was stabbed a while back and in pretty rough shape.

Alliance,Thanks for asking,hes fine but has a problem with the justice system now.

I got a brand new, Mizuno Eurocomp GI :)!

Feels like Iron wears like silk, I couldnt afford another one but my wife bougth me one.

Oh yeah, I got Gears of war II as well.

new pair of Forty THieves shorts!

I got a private lesson in SUMO.

No lie. It was awesome.

Nobody. I drove to New Jersey to the only East Coast Sumo gym.


I got nothing because budo videos did their usual crap and changed the release date of the dvd set I pre ordered. Was supposed to come out in december, then right before christmas they changed it to sometime in january and didn't let anyone know! I was so pumped because I got nothing for christmas! Thanks budo videos, you're the best!!