Lets talk about the Von Erich family here!

Some of the baddest men around! I grew up during the WCCW World Class Professional Wrestling era in the 80s! Luckily i was living overseas and mainly got the WCCW channel at the time because there was only one channel!



Freebirds or go fuck yourself!


Come on man! Grow up! Let’s discuss this thread like gentleman! You can talk about the Freebirds too lol. I thought it was awesome how they were in the movie Highlander! That was badass!

I remember watching this match when it aired on Georgia championship wrestling. I don’t even remember if I knew who Kevin von Erich was. I just remember him powering out of the superfly splash and being amazed.

12:30 for slow motion replay

wrestling was so much better back then.I didnt see as much of the Von Ericks as I did Georgia wrestling and wwf.Buzz Sawyer Paul Orndorff and Piper were my favorites.Andre was cool too


Winston Wolf

Wrestling was so much better back then! I agree with you! I loved it when they asked Kevin Von Erich about wrestling in his day and now. He stated that back then “we did a lot more wrestling, and a lot less blah, blah, blah!”.


Knew Chris and Mike many many years ago. Saw Kevin and Kerry some. Fritz was around.

They liked to party. thats for sure. Tragic ending.

Loved watching them on TV>


Wow! No way!? Thats so awesome u knew them personally! Any good stories about how they trained!? Kerry and Kevin were monsters!

It got bad when they resorted to a fake cousin lance

Yeah i remember the whole fiasco about Lance! How good was Lance actually!?

I got to meet Kerry backstage when he was the Texas Tornado in the WWF.The radio station that I listened to was promoting the show & they said if the DJ Long Paul sees you at the venue (LA Forum) wearing a KNAC t-shirt,that he will upgrade your tickets and take you backstage to meet some wrestlers.

I was wearing my KNAC t-shirt & sure enough Long Paul saw me and upgraded our tickets and took us backstage during intermission.

I got to meet Kerry & Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

*Saw the Road Warriors backstage but didn`t get to meet them.


played football with chris. quiet. nerdy. not very atheltic.

Mike was in 9th grade, athletic. Didn’t play football if memory serves.

Kerry married the hottest cheerleader in school, forget her name now.

Our track and field events were called the Fritz von erich relays. Fritz would come watch us at times.

Drug dealer named shane rodden lived behind me. Kevin and Kerry would come to his house often.

They were like gods to us. But what a mess.

edit, Lacy was her name i think


Well that’s an awesome awesome story bro


That’s awesome bro

Thanks so much for sharing that! Amazing and so tragic! They still talk about and are in awe of the Von Erichs in Israel! People like myself grew up and watched them on TV when we only had a few channel s in the early and mid eighties! I was actually born in Texas! I asked my coworker if he remembered the Von Erichs and he came at me with the claw lol. My dad actually coached track at UTEP in the late seventies!

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I remember wccw had a presence in Israel.

I felt sorry for the fat one who killed himself. All the other von Erichs were athletic studs and this guy was a ball of goo. Life is not fair.


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Yes they had a huge presence in Israel! There was a Van Erich WCCW craze here in the 80s! Everyone got into it!

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