Let's watch Mike Tyson go Nuts !

I wet myself.


lol @ Bob Sapp's corny ass trying to sound cool

crazyass bastard!

That second video, is the best Mike Tyson video ever!...:)

It definitely is. I have never seen a lot of the stuff on there. lol @ him getting into it with the Channel 9 (NY) sports dude... can't remember his name.

He needs to get his ass beat though... oh wait.

Mike is just being an entertainer. He's smart enough to know what pays the bills.


"I could have been a brain surgeon."  Mike Tyson

not only was i entertained, but i also learned how to say "ill fuck you till you love me faggot" in french, which im sure will come in handy sooner or later. i dont think tyson is retarded, i think he is well aware of how he is viewed and it is a game to see how creaped out he can make people feel. its a very wierd sense of humor.

"so you shouldn't talk anymore--unless you wanna--you know..."

solid. the ko power of misogyny.


a true individual.


" I wish you had children so I can step on their balls so you know how I feel "

"Im Sonny Liston Im Jack Dempsey, My style is impecable my defense is impregnable"

"Fuck it its a fight"

"Im talking to you like I wanna talk to you, you dont like it turn off your station"

"I'll eat your asshole alive bitch"

"Unless I Fornicate With Them"

"I never dreamed I'd fornicate with as many women as I did "