Lew Polley- pulling weight

 They put Epson salt in the water and some green liquid.  Then he rubbed something on his skin and got in the water.  Anyone know what that stuff was

Green stuff was rubbing alcohol but i was curious about what they rubbed on his skin

 maybe bengay or something

"The Polley Plunge"

Part 1

* 4-6 bottles of Green Rubbing Alcohol
* 3-4 bags of Epson salt
* Add water as HOT as you can handle
* Cover your body in Abolene
* Soak for 20-30 minutes

Part 2

* Immediately put on sauna suit and sweats
* Put on beanie
* Lie on the floor under a blanket for 15-20 minutes

 nice...  thanks paul

i wonder how much weight I could drop by doing that..thinking about trying it just because

It's just subcutaneous water(between skin and muscle) they are losing, it's only a temporary loss and most all is gained back upon ingesting water.

So marv if you wanna lose weight stay off the cheeseburgers! ; )

wanna go to Fat Guy's friday night? :)

Im down, havent been there since the kid was slinging salt n pepper all over the place! LOL

Hahaha that fucking disobedient shit! Phone Post

I just did this weight cut and it sucks! It works but it sucked! I lost 8 pnds in 25 min!

Its Albolene, its a moisturizing makeup remover. Cleans your pores and skin so you sweat easier. Sweet Sweat is another one, bout the same thing.

 Might try this...

Platypus -  Might try this...

if you need someone to put the Albolene on you, Braz said he would love the opportunity

I'm always down for a good time, ummmm I mean helping a buddie out! ; )