Lewis rooting for Gane at UFC 270, says 'f*ck that guy' Francis Ngannou

Fuck that I want what I was owed after they didn’t deliver on the first fight.


Aren’t we all

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what does lewis have against ngannou? i seriously have no clue - they fought? what happened? or why he not like him? thank you.

Most pathetic men’s UFC fight I’ve ever seen

If they threw a few keeyahhss out there id say it was a decent UFC women’s fight. IE piss break

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You should check out the match @koolkatkeith it was a great match.
And Lewis won.

almost as good as the shamrock severn danceathon.

Playing in the sand in Africa

Lewis should have thrown a punch during their fight. Now he should sit the fuck down and cool off his balls with his own regret.

But he did throw a punch which is why he won the fight, did he throw a lot? Nope just more than the UFC heavyweight champion did.

They were both an embarrassment in that fight but Francis acting like he is now is not sitting well with fans, way to early to start with the demands.