Liddel vs Jardine UFC 76

all I have to say is RIP Jardine


Insulting imo.

How could this fight possibly be a main event?


yes I agree but I know there are many here without a brain and I would like to see their opinions.

*edited for stupidity

lol im a dumbass....

I'm pulling for Chuck...

Maybe he wants to see their opinions over there. They're doing that kind of thing over there with their opinions.

It might turn out to be a exciting fight..

I see a slug fest at its sloppiest....Its going to come down to who gets that lucky punch that rocks someone the hardest to the point where they fall and get GnP'ed

Im going to be different and go Jardine...Hes got a lot to prove after get knocked out by a no namer and hes in the PPV main event so hes goin to be amped and ready to go to get back on track...Jardine by lucky hook that knocks Chuck woozy for a bit and then Jardine finishes him off like he did Forrest

This and the shogun fight is pathetic. UFC aint getting my money this card.

I think it should have been Liddel vs Alexander, why should Jardine get the bigger fight since he lost?

yep its complete bs

yeah Zuffa likes to fuck with our heads


Jardine is a good fighter who got caught (albeit caught badly) and so Is Chuck. They both need to make a statement after their last performances. You guys are wrong if you don't think this will be a good entertaining match, cause one things for sure, this match aint goin to the judges! Hate all you want but I bet one way or another you'll end up watching this fight, paid for or not.


You fuckers bitch about everything.......Its a good come back fight for chuck and they have to build shogun. Smart move by dana imo....

IF jardine beats chuck then chuck is FUCKED !

Chuck Liddell is a main event fight no matter who he fights. For now at least, if he gets knocked out by Jardine and then another non top 10 fighter then maybe he wont be in the main event. Also it seems to be a co-headline event.

I just think Chuck should be fighting Shogun or even Alexander, but then again Zuffa just likes to fuck with our heads.

I just thought that those fights would be more exciting than the Jardine fight. Zuffa just dosent want thier boy Chuck to lose again.

and I think its kinda dumb that its the main event fight.