Is Julliette going to be on as well?


lol at juliete and chuck aybe he could giver her that sick as fade

BDSSP's first ever UFC follow-up interview

As Mike Goldberg says..."one word...mainstream" :)

I know it's already over but if that romo John Salley touches Chuck again I hope he knocks him out. I'm going to record the show just to see if Chucks Ko's Salley.

What time is it on the West Coast?

8 pm pt and it replays at 11 pm.

the militia is growing stronger with each passing day...especially with croman and croman1 leading the cause...dana will have no choice but to comply with our demand or else he will feel the wrath of the that his head of defense is heading to cancun to get crazy...we will be heard!!

The kings suck..GO LAKERS!!!!

Go Bulls!

I take that back he is on right now!

Big please somebody rip a video clip!!!

(for us who live outside US)

How many acronyms can one show have is it BDSSP, BDDSP or BDDS or PDIDDY... Wtf?!

It was a pretty short segment.Chuck was by the pool on a massage table just sitting,when Tom Arnold came up and asked him what is he doing here.Alot of references were made about him kicking Tito`s ass.

Chuck said that he was there to get a tattoo.Then he was asked to name all six kids of the Brady Bunch.Then Tom said well then.........Just name one.......and Chuck answered Cindy.

He also said he was there enjoying some beers.


find Chuck on the show and must have fast forwarded past him. What
did he say was it an interview?

From the University of Arizona MIKE BIIIIBBBYYYY!!!!!

No it was not an interview,

Tom Arnold was picking out people at random when he stumbled onto Chuck.Chuck was sporting his famous blue Tap-Out Tank-Top.

Thanks Crow...good to see the Iceman getting some airtime.