Life after GSP beats Diaz

If GSP gets past Diaz, which I'm fairly confident he will, who do you wanna see him fight next? I say give the winner of Alves/Kampmann Anthony Johnson. Winner of that gets next shot at GSP. I know Alves already got schooled by GSP but I'm hoping he learned from that fight and is able to make it a more competitive fight.

In my opinion all three fighters pose a threat to the champ and I'd definitely pay to see any one of them fight GSP. For some crazy reason I think if Johnson can get his cardio in check he just might have the best chance. What do y'all think? Phone Post

Didn't Johnson move up in weight class? If not, I would like to see him fight GSP. Alves doesn't interest me. Kampmann would be interesting (although he would end up on his back).

Yea I know AJ is bumping up for his next fight but he should have plenty of time to cut back down. I mean shit, if we go off what goldie says the guy probly walks around at 245 and cuts to 170, so what's 15 lbs lol. Phone Post

Alves or Kampmann would be perfectly fine with me too. If the winner of that wins in decisive fashion I almost think you gotta give em to GSP. I can just see AJ sneaking in a head kick and KO the champ and put an end to his riddum Phone Post

Which top 5 ww has Nick beat?

<blockquote>ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun - Which top 5 ww has Nick beat?</blockquote>

BJ Penn, who went to a draw with Jon Fitch (some argue BJ won 2 rounds to 1) and beat Matt Hughes coming off of 3-win streak

Paul Daley is fuckin dynamite. He'd oustrike Thiago Alves IMO because of that ridiculous reach difference (76 inches vs 69 inches), Daley's faster hands and Alves' tendency to back up against the cage (cue Daley TKO-ing Kampmann against the cage). Paul Daley RUINED a consensus top-10 WW in Martin Kampmann

BTW, GSP/Diaz isn't a resume stacking contest. Use your brain and analyze the matchups by assessing their respective strengths/weaknesses.

An intelligent MMA fan would recognize why Diaz is so dangerous to GSP (i.e. no safety zone for GSP on the feet or on the groud)

BTW, how many top 10 win does Jon Fitch have (not that it matters much, but just to play along)?

Ellenberger. But GSP isnt getting past diaz. Phone Post