Lightest Gi?

I'm looking for a light gi for the summer, and have narrowed it to three options:

HCK standard single (I own one now, but am curious if there is a lighter, cooler options).

Sirius new weave (I have the old design, and its nice, but heavier than I'd like).

Vulkan summer weave.

Does anyone have any feedback?

Vulkan is the lightest of the three. THen Sirius, and HCK.

Vulkan....and the Keiko Summer is very light as well.

Does the light weave of the Vulkan and Sirius sacrifice durability?

no. the vulkan is pretty durable, though thin. The pants are a bit too thin for my liking, and a bit long.

overall, good gi for summer training, or for making weight at cbjj tournies.

sirius doesn't sacrifice durability either. iw ouldn't call sirius "light", either. Its light like an atama gold weave is light. if you put on a vulkan, you'll definitely consider that a light gi.

same with the keiko.

i like the keiko a lot. good, durable pants, slim fitting top (cut for taller, slimmer guys) with a good collar and thin, but durable fabric.

The Siruis Gi, while very nice, is not exactly light.
Keiko and vulkan are but the Keiko pants are nicer. I like the Keiko collar

How's the collar on the Vulkan?

Vulkan summer weave is the lightest I've found

The lightest is Ground Force. Out of the ones you mentioned, Vulkan's are the lightest - they seem to hold up well, too.

collar on vulkan is pretty much the same as the collar on the koral, which = good.

my only complaint with the vulkan top is the cut. it's made for fat boys, i think.

i'm slim (5'9" 150lbs) and I feel like I'm wearing a collared shirt by the way the lapels close / fall right near my neck. on the other end of the spectrum, the keiko is built for skinny guys and the lapels meet damn near at the waist.

keiko = shows your boobs a bit.
vulkan = hides your boobs, barely shows your neck.

so, if you like your boobs, or are a bit of an attention whore, keiko is the way to go.

if you're amish, or have moobs with pepperoni nips, then vulkan is the way to go.

vulkan is considerably lighter though. and keiko is a pretty light gi to begin with.

both good gis, both quite durable. keiko pants = much MUCH thicker than vulkan pants.

Yeah the Vulkan is a bit loose and didn't shrink much.  The Keiko will so I'm thinking it will be tighter after a wash.

The sirius fits really great but isn't so light.

Thanks for the info guys, especially RGDA.

The Vulkan sounds good, but I'm wondering if, as a skinny guy (5-10, 150) it might be a bit too baggy on me.

I have the atama summer. Over a year and still going strong. Shrunk about one size. Nice and light. Held up well. I wash and dry in the dryer with heat.

Love the Vulkan gi top, don't really like the pants. Too thin..

Vulkan fits like a Koral.. same cut, I think..


The Keiko is really nice I have to say.  I don't think you can go wrong with it or the Vulkan for a light gi.  Keiko pants have the cord which I like.

OK bro. Given that you and I are about the same height and weight (you're a bit taller than I), i would say this:

1 - Depends on why you want the gi. Are you looking for a light gi for training, or do you want a light gi in order to make weight for a comp? i.e., is weight the main consideration, or is it a combination?

2 - If you're looking for a comp gi that helps you on the scales, go with the Vulkan. it is considerably lighter than the Keiko. The A2 vulkan is about 3.3 lbs, whereas the Keiko is closer to 5.

3 - If you're looking for a training gi, I would recommend the Keiko Raca. I have both the Vulkan and the Keiko and I never wear the Vulkan unless I need to weigh in. I HATE baggy gis, b/c i'm slim (read: skinny) and I feel like I'm swimming in baggy gis. The Vulkan, while SUPER tight around the cuffs (legs and wrists) is baggy around the body. The Keiko, on the other hand, is VERY slim around the body and the cuffs (legs and wrists) are slimmer than normal, but not so slim where you can't hit an ezekiel or other cuff choke.

At the end of the day, both gis are great. They are just for different purposes and body types.

I like the Keiko a lot, b/c it's designed for tall, skinny guys. It is a lot lighter than the other gis I have, but it never feels like it is (A) too heavy, or (B) too thin / not durable. The big difference in weight between the Keiko and the Vulkan is in the pants. The Vulkan pants are a bit long, but they are SUPER thin. Not as thin as the single weave mizuno judogi, but they're a lot thinner than I'm used to. So far they've held up, so quality is good on the Vulkan pants. The Keiko pants are AWESOME. There is a rope, not a drawstring, on the waist, so it's very easy to keep the pants tied, and the quality is VERY high.

hope this helps.

I have the prototype for the Ouano - Lightweight/Competition/Summer weave Gi. It's the closest thing I've ever put on to a no-gi gi. I combined the top with atama pants, which I think are the lightest. The whole thing weighed less than 3 lbs at Pan Ams.

My Atama summer weave is the lightest Gi I have seen, It almost feels like a karate gi.

I have the atama summer also. Held up well. Over a year and no signs of wear. It was so light and soft I was sure it would fall apart right away. No problems though. Did shrink though I always dry on high heat.