Apologies if there have already been threads on this, but I'm thinking of buying the lightforce supplement that team quest supposedly uses. Any info on whether its the real deal or just one of the many marketing schemes that are spawning from the increased popularity of mma?

i was curious about this as well.


Getting more greens in your diet is always a good thing. No real gimmick to it. Just don't expect to trnasform into Randy Couture.

It gave me the shits the first day or two I took it, but that might just have been a coincidence. After that it was fine and I'm pretty sure I got some improved stamina from it. But it's just too hard to know what to attribute to the supplement and what to attribute to slight changes in diet, training etc. I just feel like it might be helping, so I keep taking it.

I dont use many product, but this is one I beleave in.
Rich Clementi

save your money

Me & my partner have been using it too. I felt a HUGE difference in my energy levels, and the taste is really not bad (grainy green tea). Great natural product!

Steiner: by your partner, you don't mean Renato do you? :) I'm gonna buy it. Thanks.

whats the website for it?

I use it and have noticed a difference.

"Like most supplements it's only going to make a slight difference."

Not true, the above, in terms of body pH, although the question of how much body pH affects training and recovery is somewhat more complicated.

FWIW, there are many greens supplements on the market.

I've tried several, but not LightForce because of the price.

Some taste really awful.

I like Country Life's "Green Edge," the one with a whey protein in it that adds 14g of protein per serving. The apple-cinnamon is the best tasting of all the greens supplements I've tried. It's replaced caffeinated drinks for me in the morning; it tastes like a cold herbal tea (as opposed to a cup of algae, which is what some greens powders taste like).

The greens supplement isn't enough on its own to get your pH above 7.0, especially if you're training hard because training hard produces alot of acid.

You have to replace grain carbs with fruit carbs, and eat greens at all meals as well, while reducing animal protein (or eating it only early in the day)., I meant my business partner....he's chubby & oout of shape & he feels differently on LifeForce too.


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