lightweight gi's

I did BJJ before judo, so I've always worn jiu-jitsu gi's in judo practice. I also have one judo gi, but its a double weave which is too heavy for my preferences. My favorite jiu-jitsu gi's are gold weaves, which are lighter than single weaves. However, I haven't seen any judo gi's with this weave. Are there any? If not, can anybody recommend some lighter weave gi's that don't have a sewn-on skirt? (I also prefer one piece designs with no horizontal seams on the back)

vit&minerals sells a gold weave judo gi.


chances are youll have a hard time finding a gi like that in the judo world and something that thin sure as hell isnt gonna last you very long at all. judo gi's are made to a specific standard, they are almost all identical.. your only real choice is single weave or double weave.

My thinner jiu-jitsu gi's are outlasting my single weave jiu-jitsu gi's. I'm not that concerned about durability anyhow; I love to shop, so I'll probably replace it before wearing through it. I'll look for the vit&minerals one, thanks.

You will be at a somewhat disadvantage wearing a single or goldweave during a Judo competition because they are much easier to grab, choke etc..

You might want to try the Mizuno Eurocomp, it has a lean cut and is very comfortable yet it is very tough.

In search of the best hybrid All purpose Newaza & Nagewaza gi.

Mizuno euro comp????????? maybe.

Somebody needs to market a kosen gi.

a single weave or even thin double weave just isnt gonna cut it in competitive judo. youll never be able to break off a strong opponent's grip and eventually it will frustrate you beyond belief.

"Somebody needs to market a kosen gi. "

LOL! And what, pray tell, would that gi be like?

Ben R.

A super rolling non restrictive sensitive feely touchy hard to grip & throw. Graphite epoxy durobond all rolled into one ultra lightweight gi.


I'm only a green belt; I'm not super competitive yet. Realistically, I doubt I ever will be; I have two left feet. I'd rather compete in something lighter; it may make a few things a little easier for my opponent, but it will also make a few things easier for me as well.

What about those adidas jiujitsu gis that the Machados push? They have that distinctive bjj weave.

Did you ever check out:

Tap Me,
Have you checked out MKimonos? Besides their usual line of BJJ gis, they also have Judogis in gold-weave, as well as double-weave. I've seen recent photos of Brazilian players in international judo competitions wearing this brand, so I'm pretty sure they follow IJF requirements (their site says they do):

Mkimonos has one hybrid weave kind thats out of stock, and then the rest of the hybrid weaves have a specific judo club's patch on them. I don't train at that club, so I didn't think I should get that. I didn't see any gold weave judo gi's there.

Osaekomi, I have lots of jiu-jitsu gi's. I need one with judo cut, which I didn't see at that site.

Vitamins and Mineral gold weave ones directly on their site looks like what I need, though.

Tap Me,
My mistake, I was referring to the hybrid weave, sorry about that.

lol! my double weave top is extra thick. I'ts like wearing a flak jacket. but I'm so used to it now that I don't even notice anymore until i hang it up and it's soaked in sweat and even heavier..

at least no one's getting chokes on me..

Tap Me,

Go to:

There you will find links to every type of judogi available.

Thanks Osaekomi, I'll check that out!

Bull_in_chinashop, I can't recall the last time someone successfully choked me in either judo or BJJ. Its not something I'm going to wear a special gi for. Although I get pinned often enough; I think maybe I need an extra super slippery frictionless gi.

machado gold is great, but with the sleeve patches, it's not legal in competition and in my experience most judo coaches give me a funny look when I wear my Machado Gold on the mat. PLUS, it's much easier to grab than my Judo gis (toraki, mizuno, etc..)

Having said that, Mizuno makes club, competition, euro and various other styles/types of gis. Great reputation and the hold up. Mizuno Eurocomp is a great one.

Here's couple of sites that have some good ones.


I've been very happy with my Brazilian Gold Weave Torah judo gi's - my two single weaves lasted close to 3.5 years of 3-4 days a week training + competitions. These gi's were certified as conforming with IJF regulations (shite, they even had individual registration numbers on them).

Only recently I purchased some new gi's, Torah again. I noticed that they now sell gold weave Judo gi's. While I have now bought their BJJ cut gi's, the gold weave is one piece and cut to a high quality finish. I'm particularly impressed with the pants (double fronted from the crotch to hem).

Dutch Law, where did you purchase the last ones from? I found Torah's on Casca-Grossa's site, but not for judo.