Like him or not, Jon Jones

…was vindicated tonight. That dude got paid 20 million tonight for that ‘‘fight.’’ I don’t care how many PPV buys one does versus the other, I can see why Jones thinks he should get a massive pay day to move up to HW and fight Ngannou. I guess the bigger issue is that something like that does more PPV buys than a massive UFC fight. We are seriously headed for being like the moronic society from Idiocracy.


How was Jones vindicated? Logan and Floyd generated interest, they put on an event, and they made a bunch of money.

Jon is free to do the same. Nobody asked the stupid faggot to fight Ngannou. Jon can fight out his contract and leave the UFC and put on his own event. I guarantee he won’t generate near the interest this bout did. Jon is a retard and there’s no connection to his “plight” and the event that just took place.


Thanks for proving my point for me.

Nobody would have paid for this event without Floyd and Paul headlining. The same doesn’t hold for an event that Jon is headlining, people would still pay for the other 9-12 fights, that’s one of the primary differences.

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Jesus Chael, you’re right but chill out.

Let’s also add that boxing is a totally different infrastructure buisness wise. One person rents the arena, another pays for ads, it’s all built around 1 fight. UFC is all inclusive. They take all the responsibility and make a full card top to bottom.
Second. Jon Jones is a liability on his best day, first ever cancelled UFC event because the champion wouldn’t take a new challenger, hit & run on a pregnant woman, numerous other arrests, destroyed the main event of UFC 200, made the UFC move an event overnight to a new state where ALL the fighters had to pay more tax because of “picograms”. …Investing that amount of money in Jones who could turn a huge PPV into a fight night with one stupid action is not a safe business bet.
Should the UFC pay fighters more? Sure. But there are VERY few boxers making Floyd money, and ALOT of UFC fighters in the upper middle class.

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The masses dont crash PPV streams to watch Jones fight. They really just dont give a shit about him. He’s been MIA for a year and a half and people just dont care if he fights. Hell, I didnt even watch the last 2 Jones fights. Thats the difference.

MMA fighters can do whatever they want. Francis and Jones CAN fight each other. But they both signed a contract with the UFC. They can fight out their contract and fight each other.

Jon has never been a star.

He doesnt make money for the UFC like Floyd makes for whatever ppv.

fuck the haters, Jon is preparing to give birth to something awesome, very soon. just like he reliably said.