"Like Water" is now on Netflix

Great for those who haven't seen it or for whoever wants to watch it again. Phone Post

Awesome! I'll get on that tomorrow, thanks Phone Post

just watched it. pretty cool.. except anderson's quote at the end was right out of rocky balboa when he was yelling at his kid

I watched it the other day. Honestly it wasn't what I expected at all. The production was great, though.

I walked away from it thinking that Anderson doesn't like fighting. He complained at every turn. He seemed like a great guy and someone who was really cool/good to the "inner circle" around him. But it just seemed like he either was burnt out or was extremely ungrateful for where he'd gotten. Like everything was a chore.

I watched it hoping to it would be another inspirational documentary/movie I could share with my 10 year old son (IE takedowns and falls). After watching it... not so much.

Worth a sec ond watch Phone Post

It made me like Anderson even less, and I didn't like him when I started watching it Phone Post

Nice, just added to my queue Phone Post

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Great for those who haven't seen it or for whoever wants to watch it again. Phone Post

Thanks for the heads up. :)


Voted up.

just watched it last night. Part of it made me somewhat dislike him other parts made me think he really seems cool.
The way I saw it they portrayed him a bit of a primadonna. With even Soares sort of rolling his eyes at Andersons behavior at times.
Made Chael look good in a weird way as he was being easier to work with.
Regardless it was a good documentary and Silva is the best fighter p4p at the moment,
I'd love to see him fight jones and ride off into the sunset

mma trane - sick bruh thanks had been waiting for that. hopefully translations are there since my portugueysa isnt as fluent

Yes, it's subtitled. Phone Post

If its about Anderson Silva I'll pass, so no thank you.

His disrepect and disregard for the paying fans is insulting.

The 2 or 3 non-fights lost me as a fan forever!

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